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Check Your Baselines

Clinician Consultation

You will meet with one of our qualified clinicians to have an in-depth conversation about your symptoms, health history, and any other concerns you may have. Prior to this discussion, all members will complete a digital body composition body scan, which will provide both you and your clinician with real-time insights into the physical state of your body and potential health risks.  

Clinician Consultation

Comprehensive Lab Panel Evaluation

After your initial consultation, you will schedule a lab draw appointment at a Base Healthcare certified lab near you. A comprehensive blood test will be conducted to measure 40+ key biomarkers, such as testosterone, Metabolic Panel, PSA and more.

Monthly Membership Plan – $199 ($250

Includes monthly prescription supply, clinician visits, routine bloodwork monitoring, access to our body composition technology and more. 

Free Delivery

Medication Delivery 

If a clinician approves you for treatment, your FDA-approved prescription will be shipped directly to your door. A signature is required for delivery. 

Check Your BASElines

Monitoring and Management

As a Base Healthcare member, you’ll have occasional check-ins with a certified clinician and routine bloodwork to make sure treatment is working properly and you’re feeling like your best self. 


Get Started Today For $79 ($199)

Includes comprehensive lab panel, measuring 40+ biomarkers, and initial certified-clinician visit. 

If prescribed, your monthly treatment plan includes the following:

  • If prescribed, your monthly treatment plan ($199) ($249) includes the following: 
  • A monthly supply of your FDA-approved oral testosterone prescription 
  • Routine lab draw & bloodwork monitoring, covering various biomarkers, including testosterone, metabolic panel, PSA, and more
  • Follow-up visits with a certified-clinician
  • Personalized app utilizing AI health monitoring tools to drive better performance outcomes 

Your membership plan will auto-renew every month and your credit card will be charged on the date of membership confirmation.
Cancel anytime. See our FAQ for cancellation policy.