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Testosterone Deficiency & Common Conditions

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes



Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)



How it Works

Why Oral Testosterone?

No peaks and valleys associated with injections
No absorption issues associated with gels
Better sleep
Sharpened cognition and memory
Improvements in libido (sex drive)
Increased muscle mass and bone density

Helping You Find Success With The Base RESET Program


Rest, Exercise, Stress, Essential Nutrients, Testosterone

Base Dashboard

Our dashboard allows members to track health metrics, such as stress, nutrition, and exercise, giving them better insights into their overall health.

Track Health Metrics

Base Body Scan

Our smartphone-based scanning technology allows members to receive real-time data about their current health state with metrics such as body composition, body circumference, blood pressure, respiration rate and more.

Body Scan

Base Health Coach

Our certified health coaches will help guide members along their health journeys and support them with recommendations and suggestions that focus on the core tenants of stress, nutrition, exercise and sleep to drive important physiological processes that can serve as a base for better functional living.

Health Coach

Get Started Today For $79 ($199)

Includes comprehensive lab panel, measuring 40+ biomarkers, and initial certified-clinician visit. 

If prescribed, your monthly treatment plan includes the following:

  • If prescribed, your monthly treatment plan ($199) ($249) includes the following: 
  • A monthly supply of your FDA-approved oral testosterone prescription 
  • Routine lab draw & bloodwork monitoring, covering various biomarkers, including testosterone, metabolic panel, PSA, and more
  • Follow-up visits with a certified-clinician
  • Personalized app utilizing AI health monitoring tools to drive better performance outcomes 

Your membership plan will auto-renew every month and your credit card will be charged on the date of membership confirmation.
Cancel anytime. See our FAQ for cancellation policy.